Eindrücke aus Mohamads neuem Leben

von | 27. Mai 2016

2016-05-24-PHOTO-00000004Mohamad  ist einer von mittlerweile über 90 Flüchtlingen, die an unserer Schule unterrichtet werden. Mohamad ist im September 2015 aus Syrien nach Hamburg gekommen und besucht seit Februar 2016 die Klasse BV1601. Seine ersten Eindrücke von seinem neuen Schulleben hat er für uns aufgeschrieben, sein neues Zuhause für uns fotografiert.

Hi, I`m going to tell you about my first months in school. It was so beautiful and I was so excited that I am in my first school in Germany and I would finally meet new friends. I was excited to see how German people study in school and how it was going to be to study with them. It was exciting for me but also for the other people in my new class.

It was different when I came to school because in my country it was either boys or girls in school. Of course it was also different that at home I studied in the Arab language and here all of us only speak German or English in school. What also surprised me a lot is that in my new school everybody has to be there on time. But, again, the mixture of boys and girls in one class surprised me most.

There are many things that make my school life easy, especially when the teachers come in class with a smile. That makes life easy. Of course, when a teacher gets angry that makes life complicated. But I feel comfortable with my teachers because they teach me well.

I want to thank my new school because they offer all this to me and the other refugee students. Thank you for supporting and helping us.

For my future I really wish to become a doctor.


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